Arthur Moulas Martial Arts

We invite you and your family to come train at Arthur Moulas Martial Arts Centre at Tahmoor. We have a team of Professional Instructors who have devoted many years in training and perfecting their skills in Martial Arts. We are a full time Dojo offering Karate, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness.

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"There is no first attack in karate." This phrase embodies the essential spirit of Okinawan karate. Although karate is a
martial art, it must be a defensive art from beginning to end. The essence of karate-do (the way of karate) lies in the
defensive function of karate. Students of any martial art, including karate-do, must not forget the cultivation of mind aswell as body. In karate-do, individual goal might be improvement of his health or training of his body to functionefficiently. He might wish to develop the strength in his arms or legs or body, or to attain poise and fortitude. Some might
wish to learn karate to cultivate humility. All such goals have to do with self-development.

AMMA 2014